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Thistle Dhu...or won't

Work in progress

The poetry of the project relies on the philosophy of absurdity and the phenomenon of the game as an unavoidable component of the human collective experience.
The work is meant to represent a mini-golf field consisting of drawings and objects that are placed on the floor and all the wall surfaces of the gallery space.
Originally in the mini-golf game, players must complete each hole in number order without skipping any hole. The objective is to make it into each hole in as few strokes as possible. The player with the fewest strokes at the end of the round wins.
The first standardized mini-golf courses to enter commercial mass-production were the Thistle Dhu (‘’This’ll Do”) courses in 1916., therefore, the title of the work refers to a game that performs a psychological role where the key components of the game: rules, interaction and motivation are shaken by various traps and impossible solutions that each object discovers by participating in the absurd game that is limited to attempts only.

Thistle Dhu...or won't: Welcome
Thistle Dhu...or won't: Selected Work

Variable dimensions

Golf ball

Green carpet
Black acrylic paint

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