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The project GAME/IGRA, conceived by a young artist Anja Jelaska, entails a two-channel video installation inspired by the traditional game Kolombar. Participants of the game form a circle and by throwing a knife into the ground defend their own or capture other's territory. The installation consists of two parts. The first part is a video documentary showing a real game organised by the artist in Begec (Novi Sad), which is being projected on the floor. The project itself is relational in that it directly exposes all participants and organisers to the questions it raises merely by including them in the game. The second part of the installation is a frontal projection of a digital animation devised to follow the logic of the game Kolombar in which the boundaries are continually revised, appearing and disappearing. By committing to the frontality of the second projection, the artist is making an allusion of a media image by using the screen as a programmed double of our living space reality (a territory enclosed by the (first) floor video projection). By using the archetypal form of a clock whose hands keep appearing and disappearing, the artist raises the issue of a continuous production of the relationship between power and schizophrenia of human relations (abstract video) arising from the media production of our reality.

(excerpt from a text by Danilo Prnjat published in the catalogue "Hybrid Media Camp 2010.")

Game: Welcome
Game: Selected Work

Two-channel video installation
Wall projection, floor projection (loop)

Game: Quote
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